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Tambayoyi akai-akai Tambayoyi

  • How important is membership plan to customers
    Becoming a member helps you get the product first before anyone else. As a member, you get to enjoy several perks that can be very beneficial. And most important members get the best-discounted price. Please see our membership plan to learn more about the benefits.
  • How can I preorder products
    You can preorder our products by calling the office or ordering on our website. After the order is placed, one of our team members will call to confirm the order for pickup or delivery.
  • How Can I order Catfish from EKPEZU FARMS
    1. Call the farm number to set an appointment to meet at the fish Farm or the office Location 2. Determine the amount of product you want 3. The product such as fish will be weighed and paid for by the kilo 4. The product will be loaded for pickup 5. Happy customer guaranteed 6. Call for more information
  • Can I be an investor?
    Ekpezu Farms welcomes all investors. Please call the farm number to speak with the corporate management.
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